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Ikea to be energy independent by 2020

publié le 24 oct. 2012 à 01:07 par Regis Castellani
Home furnishings retailer Ikea has launched a new global strategy focused on sustainability, energy independence and energy efficiency. Under the People & Planet Positive strategy, Ikea aims to become energy independent by the end of the decade, offsetting 100% of its electricity consumption with renewable energy by 2020. To achieve this, Ikea will invest €1.5 billion ($2.0 billion) in solar and wind power projects between 2009 and 2015. These projects will enable Ikea to get roughly 70% of its energy from renewable sources – the company has not yet said how much it will invest in renewables to push this figure up to 100%. To date, Ikea has installed more than 250,000 solar panels on its buildings worldwide. The company is more than halfway through its plan to install 38 MW in the US; and last summer, Ikea launched a three-year project to install thin-film PV systems atop its 11 stores in China.

Source: Ikea Group, Photon